Democrats lose public-trust advantage


Notch one more victim of the recession: With crucial midterm elections nearing, Democrats have lost the advantage they’ve held for years as the party the public trusts to steer the economy.

The timing could be fortunate for the Republicans. With jobs and the economy dominating voters’ concerns, the GOP will wield the issue as a weapon in the battle to grab control of at least one chamber of Congress this November and weaken President Obama.

“The number-one question on voters’ minds is, ‘Where are the jobs?'” said Ken Spain, spokesman for the House Republican campaign organization. “Republican candidates on the campaign trail will ask one very simple question: ‘Are you better off today that you were two years ago?’ ”

Misty McMahon, 30, a teacher from Vancleave, Miss., knows her answer. “I feel like it’s so bad right now that it will be hard to climb out,” she said.

She voted for Mr. Obama but now trusts Republicans more on the economy: “I’m kind of disappointed in the stuff he’s done.”

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