Majority of U.S. Lawmakers Are Christian

by CATHOLIC NEWS AGENCY  |  published on January 8, 2015

The overwhelming majority of federal lawmakers in the U.S. are Christian, according to a new report, which also found that Catholics in the legislative branch are split between parties, reflecting a split in the U.S. population.

More than 90% of the 114th Congress identifies as Christian: about 20% higher than the average among adult Americans, said the Pew Research Religion and Public Life Project.

“Protestants and Catholics continue to make up a greater percentage of the members of Congress than of all U.S. adults,” the report stated, adding that, “despite the sea change in party control,” those numbers had not shifted significantly from the previous Congress.

Two-thirds of Republicans are Protestant, and about a quarter are Catholic, according to the report. In contrast, 44% of Democrats identify as Protestant, and 35% say they are Catholic. In the U.S. Senate, where Republicans picked up nine seats this past election cycle, still more Democrats are Catholic than Republicans.

Of the rest of the members, most are either Jewish or Mormon, with only one member “unaffiliated” with any religion.

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