Nativities large and small receive a blessing at Little Flower Catholic Church

by Carol McPhail | AL.com  |  published on December 8, 2014

MOBILE, Alabama – “That’s Jesus,” says Kay Case, pointing to a small ceramic raccoon set atop a bed of ceramic hay. “That’s Joseph, and Mary’s the deer.”

The unusual nativity, called “Forestivity,” was one of four sets that Case brought to Little Flower Catholic Church to be blessed on Friday night. She said she purchased it a month ago at Robert Moore & Co.’s Christmas Town, which was going out of business.

“Father John has got to go look in the Bible to see if it’s true,” she quipped, referring to the cast of forest animals in the set. Case said her more classic nativity, ceramic characters under a straw-topped shed, will be placed under her Christmas tree.”

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