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Tea Party battles for 'soul of this country'

(CNN) — As Tax Day approaches, Tea Party activists are uniting to voice the message they’ve been honing for more than a year: It’s time to reduce the size of government, honor the Constitution and return to fiscal responsibility in Washington.

The Tea Party Express’ third cross-country tour brings activists to Boston, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, before culminating with an anti-tax rally at the nation’s capital on Thursday.

The “Just Vote Them Out!” tour has weaved through areas represented by vulnerable Democrats, bringing thousands to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s hometown in Nevada on its opening day. The tour’s other top target — Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan — announced his retirement the same day the tour was in his turf.

Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin is the top draw at the Boston event. Republican Sen. Scott Brown, whose winning Massachusetts campaign was infused by the Tea Party, turned down his invitation to the event, although his office said he wished the rally success.

So far, the movement’s success is in the eye of the beholder.

Tea Party activists running for office have yet to make much impact in the Republican primaries, and Stupak rejected the notion that the Tea Party played a role in his decision to step down.

Tea Party changes tone, not outcome of Texas primary

But House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer admitted Tuesday that the protests and rallies by the Tea Party across the country are having an impact on lawmakers’ decisions about running for another term.

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