Recess is no rest for Hill's top tweeters: The 25 must-follow Twitter feeds

By Jordan Fabian, Michal O’Brien, and Elise Viebeck -The Hill

More and more lawmakers are using Twitter to communicate with constituents, make news and offer some random thoughts about the day.

Of the 535 members of Congress, 127 Republicans, 103 Democrats and 2 Independents tweet, according to TweetCongress, a website that tracks lawmakers’ twitter accounts.

And those tweets have become a valuable tool for newsmakers, members of the media and general political junkies alike.

For that reason, The Hill compiled a list, in alphabetical order, of 25 must-follow feeds for the inside scoop on Congress:

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) (@GOPWhip)

This feed is a reliable source for a sense of the GOP’s daily message and the op-eds its members are reading (and writing).

Example of a recent tweet: House Republicans brought 9 spending cuts totaling over $120 billion to the House floor for up-or-down votes over the last 3 months

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) (@JohnCornyn)

The chairman of the Senate Republicans’ campaign committee, Cornyn often dispatches a series of musings on Twitter, which double as his Facebook status. The often on-message tweets are mixed in with the occasional tweet like Friday morning’s, wishing followers a happy Friday the 13th.

Example of a recent tweet: Q: If the federal government enforced immigration laws and secured the borders, would we even be talking about 14th Amendment?

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