Rand Paul Raises $100,000 in Last 'Money Bomb'

John McArdle, CQ Politics

Eye surgeon Rand Paul held his fifth and, his campaign said, final online “money bomb” fundraiser on Monday and raised over $101,000 from the 24-hour “Patriots Day” event.

Although he broke six figures with the fundraiser, Monday’s money bomb brought in quite a bit less than Paul’s previous online fundraising events for his campaign to win the GOP Senate nomination in Kentucky.

In late March, Paul’s “Give Me Liberty” money bomb brought in over $260,000 for his campaign, according to figures on Paul’s website. A December money bomb raised $240,000 while another 24 hour online event in September raised about $200,000.

And no money bomb has yet been able to live up to Paul’s first one in August, which raised $430,000 for the campaign and helped put Paul on the map in the contest.

On Tuesday, Paul campaign manager David Adams said he wasn’t concerned by the smaller haul from the latest money bomb, which was held four weeks from the May 18 primary.

“My only concern is that we stay away from collecting donations from bailout lobbyists,” Adams said, alluding to a line of attack the Paul campaign has used against its primary opponent, Secretary of State Trey Grayson (R).

To read more, visit: https://blogs.cqpolitics.com/eyeon2010/2010/04/rand-pauls-latest-money-bomb-i.html

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