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Obama Touts Medicare Solvency

By SHAYNDI RAICE, The Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON–As President Barack Obama on Saturday touted the release of a report that said Medicare is more financially solvent because of the Congressional health care overhaul, Republicans criticized the president for failing to take more action to save American jobs.

Mr. Obama said in his weekly radio address that the overhaul to the country’s health care system has helped Medicare remain sustainable for years to come because of the new law.

“We’ve made Medicare more solvent by going after waste, fraud, and abuse–not by changing seniors’ guaranteed benefits,” he said.

The Medicare trustees report released Thursday found that despite the recession, some Medicare programs are now expected to see substantially reduced costs and remain solvent 12 years longer than reported last year. The trustees report attributed the change to health care legislation passed by Congress in March.

Republicans focused their response on the grim jobs report that came out Friday, which found that the country lost 131,000 jobs last month. Rep. Peter Roskam (R., Ill.) said in the weekly GOP radio address that the Democrats in Congress were focused on spending rather than regulatory and tax relief for families and small businesses.

“Families are wondering why Washington is spending money we don’t have and piling up a mountain of debt only to have the economy sputter and job losses continue,” said MR. Roskam.

He also urged the president to consider Republican proposals for creating jobs, including a “no-cost jobs plan” that Roskam said would free up businesses to hire more workers without additional spending initiatives.

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