Network launches TV programs for conservatives

By David Bauder, Associated Press

NEW YORK | Kelsey Grammer is an investor and public face supporting a network that launched Wednesday with entertainment designed to appeal to political conservatives.

RightNetwork, whose first series, “Running,” follows the fortunes of some “tea party”-backed candidates for public office, also is trying a new model to establish itself. It is initially making programming available through video-on-demand services, the Internet and mobile phones, bypassing the approach of a traditional television network with a spot on channel lineups.

Investors hope the support of a conservative audience that has made Fox News Channel and radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh successful also could work for entertainment programming, said Kevin McFeeley,RightNetwork’s president.

“We feel the precedent has been set,” he said.

Mr. Grammer, the Emmy-winning star of “Frasier,” said the network represented a desire by him and some political friends “to stop allowing people who hate us to define us.”

“If you have NBC, ABC, you have entire networks flooded with a very particular point of view,” he said. “They won’t admit it, but it’s clearly the way it is. There’s plenty of room for us.”

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