How is Pelosi faring in her own backyard?

By Bob Unruh

While pundits are forecasting a significant number of Democrat members of Congress could lose their seats over their support for the party’s health-care reform plan, “cap and trade,” “amnesty” for illegal aliens and other legislation, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi most likely will be returned to Washington this fall.

The resentment against the adoption by Congress of a plan that will require consumers to purchase government-approved health insurance programs or face financial penalties – a precedent for a nation built on the free market – is boiling already.

Court cases are seeking permission to begin recall proceedings against some members of Congress, and voters vow at least some health-care plan supporters will be out of a job this fall. Some political analysts say they expect the GOP to be the majority in Congress following the election.

Now a new survey reveals that whatever Pelosi may instruct her party colleagues to do at whatever cost to them, her seat is safe for now.

According to a WND/Wenzel Poll conducted by telephone from March 22-24 using an automated telephone technology calling a random sampling of listed telephone numbers nationwide, some 60 percent of the likely voters in her district support her.

The survey carries a margin of error of 4.24 percentage points.

“Pelosi is not as popular as she should be, but it would take an enormously expensive effort and very fortuitous circumstances for her to lose this year,” said Fritz Wenzel of Wenzel Strategies, who performed the survey. “Her job approval is above 50 percent, and San Francisco is a very expensive media market.

“While many congressmen around the country have suffered because of their support for health-care reform and other liberal causes, she does not,” he said.

Pelosi, however, is seeing her support plunge.

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