Evangelicals, Catholics Try to Adapt to Gays’ Legal Wins

by Jennifer G. Hickey  |  published on October 29, 2014

With advocates of gay marriage achieving legal victories, many conservative Christians and evangelicals are trying to adapt to the evolving change in the courts and broader society.

“One of the embarrassments that I have to bear is that I have written on some of these issues for 30 years. At a couple of points, I’ve got to say I got that wrong, and we’ve got to go back and correct it,” Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler said yesterday at a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) conference on homosexuality, reports Nashville Public Radio.

Mohler says his error was in preaching that homosexuality is a choice, but remains firm in his belief that it is sinful. He also told the audience that Baptists know what the Bible teaches, but need to figure out how to apply those teachings to the present day, according to Nashville Public Radio.

Russell Moore, head of the convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, echoed Mohler’s contention that the focus on this week’s conference in Nashville is not about changing the SBC’s stance on homosexuality or gay marriage.

“We cannot revise the gospel we’ve received. The goal is to start a conversation to help equip churches to minister in the changing culture on these issues,” said Moore in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

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