Bachmann sets state record for House with $4.1 million

By Joseph Weber, The Washington Times

In the land of frugal Lutheran bachelor farmers, the lakeful of campaign cash gushing into one congressional race is already way above average.

In Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann, whose outspoken conservative views have won her both ardent fans and sharp critics, and her Democratic challenger reported raising a combined $2.61 million for the second quarter of 2010, putting their race on track to be among the priciest House contests in the nation this election cycle.

Mrs. Bachmann‘s campaign announced Thursday that she had raised $1.7 million in the April-to-June quarter, giving her $4.1 million for the November campaign. State Sen. Tarryl Clark, her Democratic challenger, raised a not-too-paltry $910,000 for the same period, bringing her total to roughly $2 million.

The $4.1 million raised by Mrs. Bachmann just through June 30 – helped in part by a fundraiser with her friend, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin – is already more than any other House candidate from Minnesota has ever spent on an entire campaign.

The totals put the race in the suburban/exurban district outside Minneapolis on a par with House races in far more affluent districts in far more expensive media markets, in places such as Palm Beach, Fla.; New York’s Hudson Valley; and Stamford, Conn. The race is on the Real Clear Politics website’s most recent list of the 10 most expensive House races.

“I could not be more appreciative of the 28,000 contributors who have so generously supported my campaign this quarter,” Ms. Bachmann said in a statement Thursday. “With their support, we’ll be able to fight back against the Obama-Clark agenda and their special-interest allies who have made me a top target for defeat.”

That’s one Bachmann comment Democrats are unlikely to challenge.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has targeted Mrs. Bachmann‘s seat and has put Mrs. Clark on its “Red-to-Blue” list that gives special party fundraising and organizational help to candidates of promising, well-run campaigns.

Democrats poured money into the 2008 race when a little-known candidate pulled close to Mrs. Bachmann late in the race, but she won with 46 percent of the vote when an independent candidate took 10 percent of the vote.

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