52% View Health Care Bill As Bad for Country, 54% Favor Repeal

Rasmussen Reports

Most U.S. voters continue to believe the health care plan passed by Congress in late March will be bad for the country, and they favor its repeal.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds that 52% say the plan will be bad for America, a view that went up slightly after the plan became law and has now held steady for five weeks. Thirty-eight percent (38%) view the plan as good for the country.

Support for repeal is proving to be just as consistent as opposition to the plan before it was passed into law. Over the past five weeks since Congress passed the measure, support for repeal has remained in a very narrow range from a low of 54% to a high of 58%.

Fifty-four percent (54%) now favor repeal, including 44% who Strongly Favor it. Thirty-nine percent (39%) are opposed to repeal, with 30% Strongly Opposed. A week ago, 58% favored repeal.

Opposition remains high because of continued concerns about the impact of the plan on the quality and cost of care and on the growing federal deficit.

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