Group Provides Women Free “Abortion Doulas” to Take Them to Their Abortions

by Texas Right to Life  |  published on February 10, 2015

Since the passage of the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill (HB 2) in 2013, anti-Life advocates have sought to make abortion more accessible in Texas. Cicada Collective is one such group, describing itself as “a queer and trans* people of color centered organization” with the mission of “providing practical abortion support.”

This “support” encompasses acting as an “abortion doula.” Doulas transport pregnant mothers and their unborn children to abortion appointments, give the mothers lodging during the ordeal, and remain with them before, during, and after the abortion.

The initiative began shortly before the historic passage of HB 2, and hosted a full first year of activities following the event. Momentum has fizzled since then (a trend across the spectrum of abortion advocates), but the abortion doula movement has gained momentum elsewhere in the United States. Last year, a few of their stories were released in widely-distributed publications. They are unflinching accounts of trauma, loss, and a harrowing misconception of how to really help women in unplanned pregnancy situations. (You can read abortion doula testimonies here and here, for example.)

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