Washington Republicans rip Kerry for Nantucket outing during Egyptian crisis

by  |  published on July 7, 2013

Republicans ripped Secretary of State John Kerry for being on his yacht Wednesday as former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was removed from office.

A Web ad released Saturday by the National Republican Senatorial Committee showed Kerry windsurfing with the caption “Was John Kerry on his yacht? He wasn’t” before reversing the footage and saying “He was.” The ad then cut to the photo of Kerry on his yacht, “Isabel.”

The ad, titled “Windsurfing II — Some Things Never Change,” recalls the famous advertisement from the 2004 presidential campaign, in which then-President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign used the footage to portray Kerry, then a Massachusetts senator, as a flip-flopper on the war in Iraq.

Last week, a CBS producer Tweeted that Kerry had been seen on his yacht in Nantucket Sound as Morsi was being removed from power by the Egyptian Army. That prompted an angry denial from State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who called the Tweet “completely inaccurate.” When confronted with a photo of Kerry on his yacht, Psaki modified her statement, saying that Kerry was “briefly on his boat on Wednesday,” before adding that the Secretary of State had “worked around the clock all day, including participating in the President’s meeting with his National Security Council.”

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