Synod Leader: Don’t Expect Changes in Catholic Church Policy

by Sandy Fitzgerald  |  published on May 8, 2015

Hungarian Cardinal Peter Erdo, who is playing a key role in the Catholic Church’s upcoming Synod of Bishops on the family, said there will be no changes in church policy coming as a result of the summit.

There has been talk of revisions on policy such as communion for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics, and even on broad matters such as contraception, Erdo told the Catholic publication Crux, but that has come from “a pressure with no foundation to change Church teaching.”

Erdo will return as relator, or chairman, after serving the same role at October’s summit, and will work to shape the event’s final document. He told a press conference in Rome that questions concerning the family are being considered with “responsibility toward the unity of the Church,” but “all the possible solutions will be rooted in the faith.”

Pope Francis called for a three-year reflection on the family during his first year as Pontiff, and has been addressing church teachings on family in his Wednesday audiences since January.

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