Republicans challenge authority to delay, ‘ignore’ ObamaCare provision

by FoxNews.com  |  published on July 9, 2013

House Republicans are escalating their scrutiny of the decision to delay a key part of the health care overhaul, questioning whether the Obama administration even has the authority to “ignore the law” without the approval of Congress.

The administration announced early last week that it was delaying by one year a requirement that large employers offer access to health insurance. Officials described the delay as a common-sense concession to businesses who complained the rules were too onerous, and maintained the Treasury Department was within its right.

A Treasury official told FoxNews.com that the move was “an exercise of the administrative authority” under the IRS code. The official said the department has “longstanding” authority to “grant transition relief when implementing new legislation” like the health care law.

A number of Republicans pointed to the sudden change as a sign of problems to come with the massive health care law. But, as lawmakers return on Monday from the holiday break, they’re also challenging whether the tweak was an abuse of power.

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