Pope Francis: Changing Catholic Church? Supports Big Bang, evolution, gay issues

by Ryan Arciero  |  published on October 29, 2014

Is Pope Francis changing the Catholic Church in new and more open-minded ways? The Holy See has made a revolutionary statement this week in his support of the Big Bang and evolution theory, saying that these notions may very well be real — and in line with creationist beliefs. SCMP News also reveals this Tuesday, October 28, 2014, that while it may be difficult to say that Francis fully endorses gay rights, he has shown a much more compassionate side to same-sex individuals and issues than previous popes.

Before delving into Pope Francis’ latest statement saying that evolution and the Big Bang theory of science are likely true, the Holy See introduced a major shift earlier this October by encouraging the Vatican to consider a greater acceptance of gays. Understanding and equality towards homosexuals has certainly risen in modern times, but the Catholic Church is still woefully traditional and intolerable on this front, continues the report.

In a draft presentation that was to be open for religious discussion at the highest levels, Pope Francis seemed to be in support of a less critical Catholic view towards homosexuality and more equal gay issues. The proposal considered gays (in the eyes of the Church, at least) to be capable of unique gifts and qualities, as well as mentioning that partners of the same sex offered important assistance and comfort towards one another within their relationships.

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