Obama’s health care law shifts big unions’ political alliances to GOP

by Tom Howell Jr.-The Washington Times  |  published on July 22, 2013

Discord over President Obama’s health care law is forging strange alliances, with top Republicans reaching out to union bosses who helped Democrats muscle the legislation through Congress three years ago but now say the reforms will “destroy the very health and well-being of our members.”

Presidents of three unions, including the powerful Teamsters, sent a letter this month accusing Democratic leaders of breaking promises.

The timing could not be worse for the White House, which is facing political heat — some of it from Democrats — for a self-imposed delay of the law’s employer mandate as the administration works around the clock to roll out state-based insurance markets by Oct. 1.

The unions’ complaints are twofold.

First, the law defines a full-time workweek as 30 hours, not 40. Critics point out that employers, in an effort to stay below that threshold to cut costs, have begun to cut workers’ hours.

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