GOP seeks to benefit from Sebelius admission on healthcare cost hikes

by Elise Viebeck, The Hill  |  published on April 1, 2013

Republican campaign officials are claiming new momentum for 2014 after the Obama administration admitted that some consumers could see their health insurance premiums rise under healthcare reform.

This week’s surprise concession from federal Health secretary Kathleen Sebelius played into the GOP’s No. 1 message against the Affordable Care Act — that it will raise healthcare costs.
The remark triggered a rush of campaign messaging against vulnerable Democrats who supported healthcare reform.

“ObamaCare is becoming more unpopular by the day as more Americans experience the disastrous consequences of higher insurance premiums,” said Tyler Houlton, a spokesman with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

“It’s a very big deal that President Obama’s top healthcare official finally admitted that ObamaCare will drastically increase health insurance premiums on middle class families,” he said.

The controversy points to the challenge facing the Obama administration as it implements a cumbersome and politically volatile reform whose full impact may not be understood for decades.

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