Ted Cruz

Cruz 0-for-11 in Senate and proud of it

by Seth McLaughlin-The Washington Times  |  published on February 4, 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has been on the losing side of every vote the Senate has taken in his young career — the only senator who can claim that distinction, boosting his anti-establishment credentials and earning him rave reviews from grass-roots conservatives.

The 41-year-old tea party favorite entered the Senate chamber last week at the bottom with his first two votes and walked away with nine more losses under his belt.
So far, he is 0-for-2013 — he has been on the losing end of 11 votes — and that’s just fine with the Texas Republican.

The way he sees it, a strikeout in the Democrat-controlled Senate is a home run for his constituents back home.

“Sen. Cruz promised the voters of Texas he would take principled stands when it comes to fiscal responsibility and protecting America’s sovereignty,” said Sean Rushton, a Cruz spokesman. “He didn’t come to Washington to make friends; he came to help save the country. Sen. Cruz is proud of his votes and will continue to stand up for America and the Constitution.”

Since taking the oath of office a month ago, Mr. Cruz has signaled his opposition to bills with a slight wave of his hand, opposing procedural changes in the Senate, the $50 billion Superstorm Sandy relief package and Sen. John F. Kerry’s confirmation to be secretary of state.

Last week, he opposed the Republican-controlled House’s plan to waive the nation’s borrowing limit for nearly four months while backing bills that called for the additional borrowing to be offset with spending cuts elsewhere in the federal budget.

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