Chris Christie

CPAC brands Chris Christie a ‘Big Government’ Republican

by Seth McLaughlin-The Washington Times  |  published on February 27, 2013

Chris Christie, the tough-talking New Jersey governor and potential GOP presidential candidate in 2016, has not been invited to appear next month at the biggest annual gathering of conservatives.

The news, confirmed by The Washington Times, sends a strong message about where Mr. Christie stands in the eyes of the thousands of conservatives that will converge for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) next month in the shadow of the Washington beltway.

“I don’t think it is particular surprising that Gov. Christie would not be a featured speaker there,” said Morton Blackwell, a board member of the American Conservative Union, which is sponsoring the March 14-16 event in National Harbor, Maryland. “He is a Republican, but I don’t think he would accurately be described as a conservative.”

Mr. Blackwell told The Washington times that CPAC organizers make every effort to include speakers who could be considered part of former President Ronald Reagan’s winning majority and who stick to the movement’s principles of limited government, free-enterprise, strong national defense and traditional family values.

“I think Christie is more of a big government Republican and he is actively opposed on some of the social issues,” Mr. Blackwell said, adding that he does not think that Mr. Christie would have the support of conservatives if he ran for president. “And without the support off conservatives, he will not win the nomination.”

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