Religion And Politics 1

Chaplains banned from preaching that homosexuality is a sin

by Todd Starnes |
Published on August 13, 2015
It wasn’t so much a choice as it was a demand. Chaplain David Wells was told he could either sign a state-mandated document promising to… READ MORE

Pope’s climate push at odds with US Catholic oil investments

by Reuters
Published on August 13, 2015
Pope Francis heartened environmentalists around the world in June when he urged immediate action to save the planet from the effects of climate change, declaring… READ MORE

Video 5: Planned Parenthood’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin

by Jason Jones & John Zmirak |
Published on August 6, 2015
Not even 24 hours after the Democrats voted nearly lockstep to keep on pouring $500 million of taxpayer money yearly into Planned Parenthood’s baby-organ-trafficking business,… READ MORE

Little Sisters Of The Poor Refuse Contraception

Published on August 5, 2015
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals’ rejection of the request by the Little Sisters of the Poor for religious exemption recalls the story of a… READ MORE

Chris Christie: ‘I’m a Catholic, but I’ve used birth control’

by Jesse Byrnes | The Hill
Published on August 4, 2015
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican presidential candidate, on Tuesday confessed that there’s one aspect of his Catholic faith where he hasn’t always followed… READ MORE

US Catholic bishops take on Donald Trump

by Michael O'Loughlin |
Published on August 3, 2015
Leading the crowded GOP field for the White House, real estate mogul and reality television personality Donald Trump will take center stage in Thursday’s Republican… READ MORE

California Law Mandates Vaccines for School-Aged Children, No Belief Exemptions

by CELESTE MCGOVERN | National Catholic Register
Published on August 1, 2015
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Amid roiling debate foreshadowing what is to come elsewhere, state Senate Bill 277, to abolish religious and “personal belief exemptions” for vaccination… READ MORE

Michigan Governor Signs Bills Protecting Freedom of Adoption Agencies

by Sarah Torre | The Daily Signal
Published on June 12, 2015
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed into law three bills protecting the freedom of private adoption agencies to operate in accordance with their beliefs, including… READ MORE

Archbishop calls Catholic health care essential for church’s ministry

by Catholic News Service |
Published on June 10, 2015
WASHINGTON (CNS) — Catholic health care is an indispensable part of the church’s ministry, Archbishop Blase J. Cupich of Chicago told the Catholic Health Association… READ MORE

‘I love nuns’: Obama appeals to religious allies as his landmark health care law awaits Supreme Court decision

by Michelle Boorstein | The Washington Post
Published on June 9, 2015
Facing a Supreme Court decision that could dismantle a substantive chunk of his landmark health care law, whom did President Obama choose to appear with… READ MORE