Video 5: Planned Parenthood’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin

by Jason Jones & John Zmirak | Steam.org  |  published on August 6, 2015

Not even 24 hours after the Democrats voted nearly lockstep to keep on pouring $500 million of taxpayer money yearly into Planned Parenthood’s baby-organ-trafficking business, the fifth and most devastating undercover video appeared from the heroic truthtellers of the Center for Medical Progress — documenting yet again with clear, continuous video the fact that Planned Parenthood evades and violates federal law.

Planned Parenthood takes orders for particular pieces of unborn babies (brains, eyeballs, livers and lungs) of particular ages (as late as 22 weeks, the same age as many premature infants now thriving in hospital ICU wards) and even for intact corpses of otherwise viable unborn babies. Then it kills the unborn babies to order, in particular ways that suit the needs of organ businesses, and delivers them for pre-arranged prices, to enhance its “revenue stream.”

The fifth video could not be more timely.

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