US Catholic bishops take on Donald Trump

by Michael O'Loughlin |  |  published on August 3, 2015

Leading the crowded GOP field for the White House, real estate mogul and reality television personality Donald Trump will take center stage in Thursday’s Republican primary debate in Cleveland, where he’s expected once again to highlight an issue that has fueled his popularity: opposition to undocumented immigration.

While that stance is nothing new for politicians, sometimes on both sides of the aisle, Trump’s comments are notable for their hostility toward illegal Mexican immigrants specifically. During his campaign launch earlier this summer, Trump suggested that the Mexican government sends “the worst elements” of Mexican society to the United States, in the form of drug dealers, rapists, and other criminals.

While his poll numbers remain strong even in the wake of those comments, some retailers, media outlets, and restaurateurs have severed ties with Trump, and ahead of Thursday’s debate, hosted by Facebook and Fox News, Trump can add one more group of people unhappy with his comments: Roman Catholic bishops.

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