Tea Party 'Revolution' Targets Ron Paul in GOP Primary

By: Judson Berger, FoxNews.com

The Texas congressman who rattled the Republican establishment with his libertarian-leaning outsider run for president has suddenly found himself the target of the anti-incumbent Tea Party movement some say he helped inspire.

Though Ron Paul may be the model of the grassroots-backed conservative candidate that Tea Party groups are looking for, the candidates challenging him in the Republican primary this year say the good doctor brought it on himself — by spending too much time running for president and not enough time tending to his district, and being so prickly with congressional colleagues as to render himself obsolete.

“He’s not being involved in his district,” said Gerald Wall, one of three Tea Party-connected candidates running against Paul in the primary.

To continue reading: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/02/18/tea-party-movement-betrays-ron-paul-gop-challengers/?test=latestnews

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