Transcript of John Dennis' speech at pro-liberty, anti-DC rally.

San Francisco Examiner

On September 4th at the San Francisco Civic Center the Campaign for Liberty hosted a “Principles over Politics” rally with the slogan, “Ending Washington’s War on Us.” The event featured speakers Ron Paul and John Dennis, who it could be argued are the true originators of the Tea Party movement before it was hijacked by the likes of Sarah Palin and Glen Beck. Also speaking was Matt Gonzalez, the first Green Party candidate elected to public office in San Francisco, and Ralph Nader’s 2008 vice presidential running mate. The original anti-war message of the 2007 Tea Party is all but lost in the hawkish mainstream right, but this trio insists that the cause for peace and liberty is bipartisan. What follows is transcribed from the audio of John Dennis’ speech I recorded at the rally:

JOHN DENNIS: I’m John Dennis, and I’m running against Nancy Pelosi.

CROWD: (Cheers)

JD: That get’s them every time. You know, you guys are so loud I think she’s going to hear you in that nice expensive office just down the way there. Thank you all for coming. People have come from all over the place. I can never repay you. My thanks are never enough. All I can say is thank you for supporting me, for supporting the fight for individual liberty.

There’s no campaigning here today. We’re here to talk about getting together to stop Washington before they destroy this country. I want to thank Matt Gonzalez for coming. Another round of applause for Matt.

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