Tea-party fave 'under fire' in primary

By Drew Zahn, WND

Like Sarah Palin, former Arizona State Sen. Pamela Gorman is a Christ-professing, gun-toting firebrand who took on the Republican Party establishment in her state and who is now under fire – both by her party’s leadership and by a mocking media.

Gorman is also facing an uphill battle in a crowded field of 10 GOP candidates seeking election to Arizona’s third congressional district, a seat held by eight-term Republican John Shadegg. Included among her opponents is Ben Quayle, son of former VicePresident Dan Quayle.

A tea-party favorite, Gorman’s resumé reads like a conservative wish list: endorsed by Arizona Right to Life, Arizona Tea Party and Concerned Women for America; boasting a 100-percent rating from the National Rifle Association and a 100-percent pro-life rating from Arizona Right to Life PAC; pledging herself to efforts to repeal government-run health care and pledging to assert Israel’s “historic right” to live in its land; praised by the presidents of Americans for Tax Reform and National Taxpayers Union; on record as a sponsor of Arizona’s controversial SB 1070, which requires state police to assist federal officials in illegal immigration enforcement; even garnering an endorsement by WND columnist Pat Boone:

“I’m a direct descendant of Daniel Boone, so you could say I know a ‘straight shooter’ when I see one,” Boone is quoted as saying on Gorman’s campaign website. “I proudly endorse Pamela Gorman for Congress.”

But it’s Gorman’s “straight shooting” that has drawn criticism not just from local media, but also from national commentators at the Huffington Post, Politico and even Comedy Central.

The huff and fury is based on a commercial some of Gorman’s volunteers shot for her campaign, one that features the candidate firing a machine gun and pledging to “shoot” down new taxes.

Gorman claims the YouTube commercial, meant partially in fun, has nonetheless drawn unhinged fury from the left.

Case in point, Andrew Sullivan, who blogs on the website for The Atlantic, mocked Gorman for fitting too closely to the Sarah Palin mold:

“If the pretty, big-boobed, gun-toting hottie paradigm was enough to get an unbalanced know-nothing this close to the presidency,” Sullivan writes, “then you can rest assured others took notice.”

Referencing a famous fake photo of Palin in a swimsuit brandishing a rifle, Stephen Lemons of Phoenix’s New Times writes, “The only thing that stands between State Senator Pamela Gorman and Sarah Palin is a bikini and someone with a little spare time and Photoshop.”

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