Tea Party Against Reid Health Care Bill

Tea Party Patriots say they are going to the Capitol today, to stop what they call “Harry Reid’s Health Care Bill.”

Senator Harry Reid introduced the Senate version of the “health care reform” bill. “Just like the bill that passed in the House, (Affordable Health Care for America Act — H.R. 3962),” Tea Party organizers say, “the Senate version will increase health care costs, damage medical care in America, and explode the deficit.”

Senator Reid scheduled the cloture vote for 8 pm on Saturday. Cloture is a motion or process aimed at bringing debate to a quick end.

Tea Party Patriots say they arranged to meet on Independence Avenue, Saturday, Nov. 21 at 1 PM on the East Lawn of the Capitol Building to protest the bill.

Opponents of the bill say if the cloture vote passes, debate will begin on the health care bill, and it will be more difficult to stop the bill passing. They say concerned Americans must take a stand today, either by attending the rally or by phoning senators immediately.

Organizers say they want people to firmly, but politely demand the senators vote “No” on cloture.

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