Primary Day Preview: DE, HI, MD, MA, NH, NY, RI, WI

by Steve Singiser, Daily Kos

Forty-two states have already done it, and by this time next week, the entirety of the nation will have completed the process of primary elections. And, in the grand tradition of saving the best for last, there is no shortage of high-octane contests with which we will close out the primary season this week.

So, allow this to be your clip-and-save preview of the week’s festivities, which kick off Tuesday in seven different states, and then come to a conclusion out west on Saturday, when Hawaii closes the curtain on the primary election cycle. Both Republicans and Democrats have races this week to keep their eyes on, but as has happened throughout the 2010 cycle, the majority of the fireworks are on the Right.


Two months ago, only the most grossly addicted of the political junkie class could have told you the name Christine O’Donnell. Now, O’Donnell, the far-right Republican who was boatraced in 2008 by Joe Biden even as he was being elected Vice-President, has become the center of attention for the political community as we head into primary week.

It was about two months ago that the teabaggers decided to make this race their cause celebre, putting longtime Congressman and runaway GOP primary favorite Mike Castle into their crosshairs. That, plus O’Donnell’s abnormally brutal (not to mention, at least to some extent, gay-baiting) campaign against Castle seems to have found some purchase in the soils of the Delaware GOP electorate. Just this morning, Tom Jensen of PPP teased that their final poll in the race (due tonight) has it as a single-digit race between Castle and O’Donnell.

This has huge implications for the general election. Democratic County Executive Chris Coons is waiting patiently as the certain Dem nominee, and polls show that he has an infinitely better shot at keeping the seat Democratic against O’Donnell than he does against Castle, though he is surprisingly competitive against the longtime GOP Congressman.

While the Senate primary is consuming most of the oxygen, it is worth remembering that there is also a primary on Tuesday for the lone House seat in the state (held since 1992 by Mike Castle). Democrat John Carney, the former state Lt. Governor, will learn the identity of his GOP opponent. Attorney and GOP activist Michelle Rollins is generally considered to be the favorite, but she has been challenged hard by wealthy real estate developer Glen Urquhart, who has dropped a half million of his own money into the race. Carney is sitting on more cash-on-hand than either Republican has raised to date, however, and he held a lead in the PPP poll conducted for DK last month. This is the seat that arguably is the most likely in the nation to flip from Republican to Democrat.

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