President Obama, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to Face Off Over Immigration at White House


President Obama sits down with Arizona’s Republican Gov. Jan Brewer today for the first time since the state passed its controversial new immigration law.

The Arizona law, signed in April, requiresstate law enforcement officers to determine the immigration status of someone they’ve stopped, detained or arrested if there is “reasonable suspicion” the individual is in the country illegally and turn over offenders to federal immigration authorities.

The measure has sparked national debate, including boycotts of Arizona by some states, and drawn sharp criticism from civil rights groups, national police chiefs and President Obama, who’s called the law “misguided” and warned it could be applied in a “discriminatory fashion.”

Brewer, who requested the meeting with Obama while in Washington for a meeting of the Council of Governors, has insisted the law is no different from existing federal guidelines and is beingmischaracterized by critics, some of whom have not read it.

“I think it’s important that the leader of the United States and the governor of the state of Arizona sit down face to face and have a conversation of exactly what is going on in Arizona and ask him for his help,” Brewer told reporters last week.

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