Palin Gets Protective Order Over Threats…

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The father of an 18-year-old Pennsylvania man accused of stalking Sarah Palin said Wednesday that his son is home with him and hasn’t left the state.

“He is not in Alaska and he’s never been to Alaska,” Craig Christy said Wednesday of his son, Shawn R. Christy.

Anchorage Magistrate Colleen Ray granted Palin, 46, and Palin’s friend, Kristan Cole, 48, 20-day protective orders against Shawn Christy, who allegedly sent the women receipts from a gun purchase, along with a letter saying “he tried to follow the bible but had evil and wickedness in him.”

Palin and Cole have requested long-term protective orders. A hearing on their requests is scheduled for 10 a.m., Oct. 13, before Anchorage Master John E. Duggan. Craig Christy said they plan to participate in the hearing by phone and plan to contest the court orders.

“We’re going to ask that we can speak on his behalf,” Christy said.

Christy said the problem for their family has been ongoing since the beginning of 2009 and that events to date have involved the U.S. Capital Police, the Secret Service and FBI in Anchorage and Allen Town, Penn.

In Palin’s request for the short-term protective order, she stated Shawn Christy began “frequent and persistant communication with Ms. Cole, Ms. [Kris] Perry and petitioner’s attorney, Mr. [Thomas] Van Flein, in the summer of 2009 in an effort to make direct contact and meet with petitioner.”

Palin testified that Christy threatened in letters to track her down at her book signings in the Lower 48.

“Petitioner and counsel allege that the respondent has made numerous implied threats in his telephonic and written communication including references to his guns, telling petitioner that she better watch her back and saying that he is buying a one way ticket to Alaska and sending the receipt for purchase of the guns.”

Palin testified that Christy is delusional in his statements that he has had direct communication or contact with her or her daughter.

“Petitioner also testified that respondent has falsly claimed to have had a sexual relationship with petitioner,” the filing stated. “Mr. Van Flein provided evidence that the secret service investigated respondent alleging that he had threatened or said he wanted to sexually assault Gov. Palin. Mr. Van Flein testified that respondent has signed letters to the petitioner ‘your magic enemy.’”

Palin testified that she was concerned Christy might be escalating in his behavior. She also said he called her assistant Monday saying he was in Alaska and that the caller ID for his call reflected a 907 area code number.

Cole testified in her request for a protective order that Christy has called and sent e-mail, posted messages on her Facebook page and since the summer of 2009 has repeatedly requested to be able to meet with her or Palin.

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