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'One Nation' rally offers 'antidote' to Tea Party

Thousands of people from dozens of liberal groups across the USA are marching on the National Mall today as “one nation,” saying they want to call attention to the needs of working-class Americans, USA TODAY staffers Marisol Bello, Oren Dorell and Marisa Kendall report.

One Nation Working Together, the coalition organizing the event, wants the powers of Washington to create jobs and help those without them, end racial profiling and other discrimination in the criminal justice system, and push for immigration changes and quality, affordable education.

Updated at 4:33: The rally apparently just ended.

Updated at 4:20 p.m.: United Auto Workers chief Bob King told the crowd that “those who want to divide us tell us that we cannot win.” King said the “voices of division” try to divide us by race, gender, age and other ways. “By contrast, those marching here today are leading us on a path of community… of optimism.”

Updated at 3:52 p.m.: Marisa reported that people are beginning to clear out of the Mall area, though speeches continued. Tyrone Gardner, 50, came from Goldsboro, N.C., because of health care, jobs and education — and was in no hurry to leave. “There’s just so many discriminatory practices in this country, it’s just ridiculous,” he said. Gardner said his favorite part of the rally was the way in which such a diverse group of people came out and interacted so peacefully. “God didn’t make nothing the same,” he said. “He made everybody diverse.”

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