Obama's day: On to Michigan

David Jackson, USA TODAY

Good morning from The Oval, on a day when President Obama hits the road again to sell his economic and energy agendas.

Obama travels to western Michigan for the opening of a factory that makes advanced batteries for electric cars, and is also the recipient of money from the stimulus grant.

The trip comes as more than 3 million Americans face the loss of unemployment benefits at the end of the month, reports USA TODAY’s Dennis Cauchon, even as the government spends record amounts to compensate the jobless.

In other news:

BP is testing a new cap on its broken oil well, reports Dan Vergano of USA TODAY.

The Obama administration is trying to quell a rebellion among House Democrats.

Tea Party members and supporters defend themselves against racism charges, USA TODAY’s Kathy Kiely writes.

There is evidence that the new health care bill will, in fact, cover some abortions, reports Mimi Hall of USA TODAY.

The congressional debate over new financial firm regulations has now spawned an ethics inquiry.

The Afghanistan government has (finally) agree to create local defense forces.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has a new heart pump, and USA TODAY’s Steve Sternberg explains how it works.

And remember the Iranian nuclear scientist who returned to Tehran, claiming the CIA kidnapped him? The CIA says it paid him more than $5 million for intel on Iran’s nuke program.

We don’t charge anything at The Oval for updates on the president’s day, so be sure to check us out. And thank you for reading.

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