New Jersey Voters Pan Christie Millionaire-Tax Veto, Poll Says

By Terrence Dopp

June 17 (Bloomberg) — Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, the second-richest U.S. state by income per person, ran afoul of almost two of every three voters by vetoing a tax on residents with million-dollar incomes, a survey shows.

The veto was the wrong thing to do, according to 61 percent of voters in the Quinnipiac University survey released today. It showed 33 percent of the 1,461 respondents agreed with the Republican’s rejection of the levy.

“People always like a millionaire’s tax,” Maurice Carroll, the director of the Hamden, Connecticut, school’s polling center, said in an interview. “Almost none of the deficit-cutting things that have been talked about — except the millionaire’s tax that Christie vetoed — win much support.”

New Jersey voters also said they oppose reducing school funding by $820 million, firing 1,300 state workers, closing psychiatric institutions and cutting municipal aid — all part of Christie’s plan to erase a projected $10.7 billion deficit for the fiscal year that begins next month.

Voters gave Christie, 47, a split job-approval rating of 44 percent to 43 percent who disapprove, according to the poll. While 44 percent said he is a leader, 43 percent said he’s a “bully.” The governor has clashed with unions for teachers and other public employees and refused to reappoint the state’s only black justice on its supreme court.

A total of 75 percent of those tallied said they are dissatisfied with life in New Jersey, the largest rate ever in Quinnipiac surveys that go back to at least 1997.

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