Jarrett Refuses to Back Emanuel

On “Morning Joe,” White House big declines to endorse former colleague’s mayoral bid in her hometown.

Echoes Obama’s words on how he’d be a “terrific mayor,” but declines to follow Pelosi in full backing.

Watch the video and read the transcript after the jump.

Jarrett: “Mark I hear you are in Chicago, my hometown.”

Halperin: “Valerie I am and I’m delighted to be here. And the coverage of Rahm has been wall-to-wall and brutal. Part of his problem, as you know, is this is a pretty diverse city with a lot of different constituencies. I understand why the president has to be kind of laid back but Nancy Pelosi endorsed Rahm for mayor. I’m wondering if this morning you’ll endorse Rahm and say he’s your choice for mayor of Chicago?”

Jarrett: “I don’t think anybody is interested in my choice for mayor of Chicago. My focus is right here and he hasn’t even announced yet. I think this weekend he announced he’s doing his listening tour; allowing people in Chicago all around the neighborhoods to tell him what they think. So, we’ll be watching closely from afar.”

Halperin: “So unlike Nancy Pelosi, you’re not willing to endorse him?”

Read more: http://thepage.time.com/2010/10/04/jarrett-refuses-to-back-emanuel/#ixzz11PciZG8J

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