House a stepping stone for Ben Quayle?

By Kasie Hunt, Politico

PHOENIX — When former Vice President Dan Quayle talked to top Republican donors earlier this year to raise money for his son’s congressional campaign, he wasn’t just selling a possible future Rep. Ben Quayle.

His pitch, according to several Arizona sources: that 33-year-old Ben Quayle is cut from the same mold as he is, and could have a promising career in the House, then run for Senate and have an unlimited national future.

hat ambitious trajectory isn’t just a proud father talking. Even before the younger Quayle faces election for Arizona’s open 3rd District seat, Republicans are speculating about what comes next for the son of a politician who was himself elected to Congress at the age of 29, to the Senate just four years later and tapped for vice president at 41.

“The reason this seat is so important is because its holder is an automatic candidate for the U.S. Senate,” said Marcus Dell’Artino, a longtime GOP strategist and now a partner at the Phoenix-based FirstStrategic firm.

The 3rd District seat also served as Jon Kyl’s launching pad to the Senate and, with Sen. John McCain now in his 70s, it could easily play the same role for Quayle, Dell’Artino said.

The district “takes in Arcadia and Paradise Valley — it is the seat of Arizona society,” said Nathan Sproul, who heads the Lincoln Strategy Group and formerly served as chairman of the state’s Republican Party. “So it certainly gives somebody who holds that seat a significant advantage as to whether or not they can run for statewide office. If that’s the goal, it’s the best seat to represent.”

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