Hayworth, McCain trade jabs of 'big spender'

By: Dan Nowicki, AZcentral.com

Former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth will announce his Republican Senate candidacy  today, but his record as a fiscal conservative has been under assault by incumbent GOP Sen. John McCain for weeks.

In anticipation of Hayworth’s primary challenge from the right, McCain has been portraying Hayworth as one of the big-spending Republicans who, during President George W. Bush’s two terms, largely squandered the party’s reputation for fiscal discipline.

Among other Bush-era priorities, Hayworth supported and McCain opposed the 2003 Medicare prescription-drug

benefit that is estimated to saddle taxpayers with between $8 trillion and $11 trillion in unfunded liabilities over 75 years.

Hayworth, who won six terms in the House before losing his seat to Democrat Harry Mitchell in 2006, counters that McCain is the real profligate spender.

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