GOP candidate looks to unseat Pelosi

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco resident John Dennis, 46, is the longest of long-shot candidates – a Republican trying to unseat Nancy Pelosi from her Eighth Congressional District seat in the November election. “This is my first campaign,” Dennis said last week before leaving for the California Republican Party convention in San Diego. “I thought I’d aim low.” Dennis won his party’s primary in June, yet the distinction failed to earn him access to the party’s coffers. Candidates like Dennis who are in races viewed as unwinnable tend to be let go by party honchos to fend for themselves. To date, Dennis’ campaign has raised close to $1 million – 80 percent coming from out-of-state-donors. Dennis works out of his North Beach campaign office where a sign outside reads, “Come say ‘Hi.’ We won’t bite.” He recently spoke to reporter Justin Berton.

Q: What needs to happen for you to win?

A: We have to point out that Nancy Pelosi is not who the city thinks she is. We have to get people of San Francisco to ask the question, “Does Nancy Pelosi really represent me?” To win – scandals are always helpful (laughs) – we’d need to convince 30 percent of the Democrat voters; we’d need to have the same performance Scott Brown had with independents in Massachusetts, combined with little voter turnout, and a motivated turnout from the Republican Party.

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