For It While They Were Against It

By: Kyle Trygstad,

The Washington Times uncovered at least a dozen instances of Republican lawmakers publicly denouncing the Democrats’ federal stimulus plan last year while simultaneously seeking stimulus money — through letters to executive branch agencies — for their districts and states.

More than a dozen Republican lawmakers, while denouncing the stimulus to the media and their constituents, privately sent letters to just one of the federal government’s many agencies seeking stimulus money for home-state pork projects.

The letters to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, expose the gulf between lawmakers’ public criticism of the overall stimulus package and their private lobbying for projects close to home.

I noted a similar strategy in a story a year ago, when Republicans railed and voted against the omnibus appropriations bill because it was loaded with earmarks, while at the same time requesting a big portion of those earmarks and touting the money they were bringing home once the bill had passed.

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