Felonious assault on U.S. elections

By Aaron Klein
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A federal bill that seeks to restore voting rights in national elections to felons released from prison previously was a pet project of the radical Association of CommunityOrganizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was briefed on state laws governing voting-rights restoration for former felons encountered during general voter-registration drives.

The information comes as a study released this week by Minnesota Majority, a watchdog group, found the six-month election recount that determined Al Franken won the Minnesota Senate seat may have been decided by convicted felons who voted illegally.

Last summer, the Democracy Restoration Act was introduced by Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich. The bill would restore federal voting rights to felons who have served their sentences.

In March, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the bill, reviewing testimony on the subject from the NAACP’s Washington bureau director as well as the Brennan Center, a liberal activist group at New York University.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, the New York Times published a profile of ACORN agents working to restore voter rights for felons in a number of states. The group also was advising convicted felons on local laws that allowed them to vote.

ACORN, convicted in multiple voter fraud cases, says it disbanded in March due to falling revenues.

The New York Times noted some felony disenfranchisement laws are held over from exclusionary Jim Crow-era laws, such as poll taxes and ballot box literacy tests, affecting about 5.3 million former and current felons nationally.

Charles J. Ogletree Jr., a Harvard law professor who served as senior adviser to Obama’s presidential campaign on criminal justice issues, said he had briefed campaign officials about felony disenfranchisement, including how to register felons.

The Times noted none of the national felony voter registration organizations interviewed by the newspaper were contacted Republican Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign for similar briefs on the issue of registering felons.

Ogletree has been involved in pushing legislation to end felony disenfranchisement.

WND previously reported Ogletree was a mentor of both Barack and Michelle Obama. He has been closely linked to the Black Panthers and to radical black ideology. He is a key member of the reparations movement and once pursued the possibility of bringing a class action lawsuit to win reparations for descendants of African slaves.

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