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'Contract' 2.0: House Republicans Roll Out 'The Pledge to America'


House Republicans today are unveiling “The Pledge to America,” the “governing agenda” they plan to pursue if they regain control of the House of Representatives — and it calls for some changes that won’t win them friends at the White House:

Permanently extend the Bush tax cuts — all of them, including those on the wealthy.

Cancel all unspent stimulus spending. As of today, about $258 billion of the $814 billion stimulus has not been spent.

Repeal the Obama health care bill, replacing it with Republican proposals, including limits on malpractice lawsuits.

Block Obama’s plan to move detainees at Guantanamo Bay to the United States.

“We call on the leadership of the 111th Congress to bring these reforms and policies to an immediate vote,” they write in the plan they are unveiling today in Sterling, Va., “and ask all citizens of our nation — men and women of good will and good heart — who share in our beliefs, to join with us today.”

The pledge is an effort to do what the Republicans did when they won the House in 1994 with the “Contract With America” — offer a specific plan action for a Republican Congress.

The pledge includes five broad categories, including jobs, government reform, spending, national security and health care. Under each category, there are four or five specific proposals and actual bills, many of which already have been introduced.

In addition to the policy agendas set forward, the pledge is an attempt at some image rehabilitation. A top House Republican told ABC News the pledge is “an important milestone showing the American people we have learned our lesson and we are ready to govern.”

Republicans are seeking to make clear they have no intention of returning to the big spending and high deficits of the last Republican Congress.

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