Another Poll Shows Rossi Leading Murray

Posted by Sean Trende | Real Clear Politics

Two weeks ago, SurveyUSA caused a stir when it released a post-primary poll finding Washington Republican Senate candidate Dino Rossi up seven points over incumbent Democratic Senator Patty Murray. Rasmussen Reports now weighs in with a poll confirming that result. Its most recent survey of the race (8/31, 500 LVs, MOE +/- 4.5%) finds Rossi leading Murray 48 percent to 46 percent. As something of an ominous sign for Murray, when leaners are included, Rossi’s lead grows to a three-point, 50 percent to 47 percent advantage.

While Washington voters have a generally favorable view of Murray (about 50 percent view her favorably), President Obama has an upside-down approval rating of 48 percent approve to 50 percent disapprove. Democratic Governor Christine Gregoire fares a bit worse, with a 42 percent/54 percent approve/disapprove split. while 59 percent report being angry with Washington’s policies, and a hair raising 44 percent do not believe that their current representative is doing a good job.

In this environment, Murray is doing quite well by keeping it close. But the Rasmussen poll nevertheless moves Rossi in the lead in the RCP average. Republicans now lead in the races for all of their Senate seats, and lead in eight Senate seats presently held by Democrats. Republicans need to capture 10 Senate seats to take the majority.

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