Netanyahu is a skilled killer, says Ahmadinejad Staff

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is a “skilled killer,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said via a translator in a televised interview with CNN’s Larry King on Wednesday evening.

Asked by the show’s host for a response to Netanyahu’s previous comments on the show, when the Israeli prime minister said that “the greatest threat facing humanity is that Iran would acquire nuclear weapons,” Ahamadinejad replied:

“So you think that we should be concerned about allaying Mr Netanyahu’s fears and concerns? Why should we be doing that for him? Who is he? Who is he in the first place? He is a skilled killer. All dictators in the world have condemned others, and he is one of many of them.”

He continued his tirade against Netanyahu:

“He should be put on trial for killing Palestinians, for placing Gaza under siege. He should be put on trial for killing women and children.”

Asked about Iran’s nuclear activity plans, the Iranian president was equally forceful in his response, telling Larry King that “no one expresses fear about Iran’s nuclear activities in the region except the Zionist regime, and some American authorities. We are not seeking the bomb, we have no interest in it and we do not think that it is useful.”

American and Israeli weapons should be of more concern to the international community, he said.

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