43% Not Sure Which Party to Trust On Ethics Issues

Voters continue to trust Republicans more than Democrats on most of the key electoral issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports, but they are more uncertain than ever on which party to trust when it comes to government ethics and corruption.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that voters rank government ethics second only to the economy in terms of importance, with 79% who see the issue as very important.

Just 29% of voters trust Republicans more on government ethics, while another 29% trust Democrats more. The plurality (43%) are not sure which party to trust, marking the highest number of undecided voters on the question in over two years of polling.

In November, Republicans held a small edge over Democrats on the issue, and 35% were undecided.

But the economy remains the top issue among voters, and Republicans still hold a 48% to 37% advantage on it. The GOP trailed on the issue for nearly two years before taking the lead this past June.

At the same time, 51% of voters nationwide continue to believe the country’s economic woes can be blamed on the administration of George W. Bush.

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Republicans also hold strong double-digit leads over Democrats on the issues of national security and the war in Iraq.

Voters weren’t thrilled with the government’s response to the attempted terrorist bombing of a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day: 31% rate the response as good or excellent, while 38% rate it as poor. In a survey just after the Christmas Day incident, 79% of voters said another terrorist attack was likely in the next year.

Voters are still fairly divided on health care, favoring the GOP 46% to 43% on that issue. The parties have remained close on the issue since last summer, as the health care debate in Washington grew more intense. Prior to June, Democrats held solid leads on the issue since November 2006.

New polling shows that 40% of voters nationwide favor the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. Fifty-five percent (55%) are opposed. Three out of four voters (75%) now rate the issue of health care as very important, up from 66% in November.

The GOP holds a nine-point lead on the issue of taxes, showing little change from November. When it comes to paying for the cost of the proposed health care reform plan, voters are okay with taxing the rich but strongly reject cuts in Medicare and excise taxes on “Cadillac” health plans provided by employers.

Regardless of how the health care plan is paid for, most voters remain convinced their personal taxes will rise under the Obama administration.

Republicans have more than doubled their lead over Democrats on the issue of abortion, 46% to 39%. Most voters favor a ban on abortion coverage in any health insurance plan that receives federal subsidies.

Democrats and Republicans are even on the issue of Social Security for the second straight month, with each earning more trust from 43% of voters.

Democrats have pulled ahead to a 45% to 39% lead on education after leading by just two-points in November. But Republicans now have a 15-point lead over Democrats — 47% to 32% – when it comes to immigration.

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