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Sen. Sarah Palin? Tea party sees gains from ‘Obamacare’

by Cheryl K. Chumley-The Washington Times  |  published on May 4, 2013

Prominent tea party members are preparing for big wins in 2014 due to negative fallout from President Obama’s signature health care reform.

Now that Democratic Party leaders, along with White House officials, are predicting some glitches in the law’s implementation, 2014 elections are shaping in conservatives’ favor — and tea partiers are hoping to capitalize, United Press International reported. The GOP is especially eyeing the Senate as a possible gold mine.

“Information has already shown itself to be a series of political time bombs,” said Matt Kibbe, the president and chief executive of FreedomWorks, in UPI. “The only way you fix policy is through political accountability. Those that ignore those arguments need to pay a price.”

Tea Party Patriot national coordinator Jenny Beth Martin agreed the health law is “reinvigorating the movement,” she told the Hill. “We’re working to recruit candidates that can talk about this.”

One they already have: Sarah Palin.

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